Wanna be ...


Believe it !. Just being a new person we can founds something new about anything that never we found before. The brain in this head just floating away and what we can do after that ? let’s its idea flood over our mind. It’s nice to be different at all at single time. Designing an .jpg image ? how cool being a designer. Yeah, its very nice. We can just transferring our idea over a canvas on the computer screen and doing a single click...


Imagine it !. the idea that have been we kept so long and so deeply in our mind, at simple time can we share with other nice people. How amazingly interesting to be creative person. Do you know how feel like that ?. It’s just perfectly amazingly magically nice to be designer for our ideas. Just like the Panasonic’s promotion slogan : "Ideas for life". In this particulary time, i more like to say it "Life for ideas"...


Actually, maybe that you’ve know, that i not too good in verbal comunication. Thanks god i found something new that make me better than before. Comunicating it’s just easier for me in blogging.


Seorang opportunis namun realistis. Seorang dreamer tapi bukan heartbreaker (lagi). Seorang gamer yang kadang masih suka keder megang stik kontroller.

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